Sunday, December 29, 2013

13 in 13 Link Up!

Have you linked up with Hadar, Kristin and Traci yet for their 13 in 13?  Join in and share your year!

Here goes!

13- Favorite Article of Clothing
Leggings!  They are so comfortable and a must for us kindergarten teachers crawling all around the floor!

12- Favorite Movie You Watched
Best book/movie ever!

11- Favorite TV Series
My hubby was so freaked out by the Red Wedding!  (Being a bookworm, I of course already knew what was going to happen... but I'm not allowed to drop any hints or he refuses to watch the episode with me in the room!)

10-Favorite Restaurant
Have you ever been to the Melting Pot?  It's delicious!  My hubby always takes me for my birthday and it's an incredibly romantic and delicious evening!

9- Favorite New Thing You Tried
Teaching kindergarten!  It's been a blast!  Sometimes a scary what the heck was I thinking blast, but a blast all the same.  :)

8- Favorite Gift You Got

I love my new color laser printer from my hubby!  I am so excited to be able to print at home now.  I'm really looking forward to getting to all the time this should (hopefully) save me in the new year.  So far it's been great!

7- Favorite Thing You Pinned
This is a great resource from Ashley Hughes (The School Supply Addict) with links to lots of different classroom setups.  Very helpful!

6- Favorite Blog Post
My favorite blog posts are actually the ones from PreK.  There's just so much fun (and freedom!) in PreK.  I absolutely adored all our space activities last January.  It was a blast!

5- Best Accomplishment

Moving to a new school and new position!

4- Favorite Picture
Me on the hubby on vacation!  We got so sunburned because someone bought sweat-proof sunscreen instead of waterproof sunscreen... (actually that was me!  Oops!)

3- Favorite Memory
Actually my favorite memories this year come from Christmas break with my hubby.  It's the most time we've spent together all year and I really enjoyed it.  With all the hustle bustle in our busy lives and opposite schedules we don't get often get quality time together.  I don't know how you can miss someone when you live with them and sleep next to them every night but it's true!  :)

2- Goal for 2014
Balance.  I did a really really bad job balancing my life this summer/fall (though I don't know how that's possible as a first year kindergarten teacher!)  But I ended up getting really sick (several times) and need to make some healthy, more balanced choices all across the board this year.

1- One Little Word

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Catch Up: Math Stations (Freebie Friday Ahead!)

Hold onto your hats for lots and lots of math today!  Here's a look at the fun inside our December math workshop (with a fun freebie ahead too!)

Christmas Tree Roll & Cover (Addition/Subtraction)

Christmas Cookies Addition/Subtraction Game

Christmas Tree Top It (Number Sense)

Symmetrical Ornaments

Longest to Shortest Christmas Trees (Measurement)

Presents on Parade (Number Sense)

Peppermint Patterns

Sneaky Santa (Number Recognition)

Candy Cane Roll Count & Write (Counting & Number Writing)

Santa's Sack Find, Tally & Graph (Data)

Roll & Build Santa Claus (FREEBIE!)

That's all friends!  I hope you are enjoying the holiday and spending some time relaxing!  Don't forget to grab the other great Friday freebies.  See you in the New Year!  :)

Freebie Fridays

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Catch Up: Elf Capades

I don't know how ANYONE has been able to blog in December... kudos to you!  It's been crazy with Christmas here in Kindergarten, but now that we're on break (praise the Lord) I'm ready to catch up with everyone!  Today's a look back on some moments with our elf on the shelf.

Our elf package arrived one week into December after we wrote a letter to Santa asking for one.  I put the package in the freezer so it was nice and cold, then our sweet school secretary delivered it in the morning.  The kids all wanted to feel how cold it was!

You can grab the cute free label from Cara Caroll by clicking here.

Then we had to name our elf, of course.  Thunder was the final winner!  (Sorry for the poor picture.  The light in my room stinks!)

Thunder was a great elf!  He brought us gingerbread treats when we studied Christmas in Germany... and ate the head off one!  We recorded each day's antics in our Elf Journals.

You can grab these cute free elf on the shelf journals from Regina Berns by clicking here!

Of course someone had to touch the elf... and boy what a big blow out that was!  Of course it had to happen right before specials, so I didn't have a lot of time to do any damage control.  When I picked the kiddos back up the boy who did it was in massive tears.  It ended up actually being a great lesson on how we hold our friends accountable in a respectful way, and most importantly on forgiveness.  I loved the conversation we had on how we could help our friend fix his choice (in the end he decided to write an apology letter to Santa).  One my sweet kiddos raised his hand and said, "I think we should tell [NAME] we forgive him because he is really sad and we still love him."

The next day Santa sent magic sprinkles, so all ended well.  :)  Thunder was back up and running again!  He had lots of fun playing math games...

And when the final day arrived, he left us a special note saying it was okay to give him a hug goodbye because Santa Claus was coming IN PERSON to pick him up that day.  Lo and behold...

Look who showed up to our Class Christmas Party to take Thunder home!  Thanks Mom and Dad (aka Mr. and Mrs. Claus).

That's all for now folks!  I hope you are having a wonderful and well-earned break with your friends and family.  Merry Christmas and see you soon!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Super Sweet Sales (Early Bird & Cyber Monday!)

Hi friends!  Just wanted to give you a heads up on some great sales coming up.  For all my Early Bird friends, there's a TON of sellers participating in this (including me!)

Here's some sweet new stuff I created for Christmas!

Take a peek inside...

And I just finished up some new (and editable) Roll Say Keep games for Christmas and Winter!  These include practice for letters/sounds, CVC words and sight words!

Don't forget to swing by on Monday and Tuesday for the BIG one- TPT is giving an additional 10% off all purchases.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What in the World Have We Been Up To: Week 13 of Thankfulness

I can't believe I'm back and posting somewhat regularly!  (We'll see for how long...)

Totally missed my Bloggiversary AND my birthday though.  Sorry guys!  BUT I can promise a good long post with some fun ideas and freebies ahead.  :)

Here's what we've been up to in Kinder Krazy Week Before Thanksgiving Land...

Turkey Hand Prints and Picture Frame Gifts

Aren't these adorable?!  And they were super easy to make.  I picked up the unfinished wooden frames at Michael's for only $1 (I also saw Walmart has some).  The buttons were ridiculously expensive though.  Why are buttons so expensive?!?!

Pilgrim Craftivity

I can't believe how many craftivities we completed this week!  I go back and forth with these things.  On the one hand I'd rather we be making something authentic, like a class book.  On the other hand I need cute things for our hallway.  Hence these paper plate pilgrim cutie pies (which followed after an illustrative mini-lesson on eyes).  Here's a close-up:

Mayflower Suitcase Craftivity

This activity was so awesome!  :)  We had a great time learning all about the Pilgrims and their Mayflower voyage.  Most of the kids felt like they would bring their own toilet, as you can see below...

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey Craftivity

This was another fun craftivity!  The graphic organizer was great for getting the kids to get their thoughts and sentences in order.  I just cracked up at the differences between most of the boys and girls... Almost all the girls will go shopping for their turkey.  The boys?  They'll go hunting!  :)

Let's shift gears a bit and move on to our favorite time of the day... Math Stations!  On the day of our Thanksgiving party I actually had a little cutie ask me when we were going to do math because apparently parties and crafts are "boring."  :)

Roll & Build a Turkey (FREEBIE!)

This game was a blast!  Definitely a great way to get my little ones moving... and best of all it's free!  (Click on the picture to be directed to the download).

Turkey Feathers Addition Facts to 10 (FREEBIE!)

This fun game from Julie at Make, Take & Teach was PERFECT for practicing addition facts- click on the picture to grab the download!

Pilgrims on Parade Number Order

How Big Is Your Dinner Measuring Activity

And last but not least... some literacy stations!  I was really bad at taking pictures during our Daily 5 block last week.  Actually I'm pretty bad at it all the time since I'm busy with guided reading and my littles are so independent.  But I did get some great pictures of our FAVORITE word work station ever... the sensory bin!

Turkey Lurkey Match & Record Rhyming Activity

Since we don't have a real sensory table I make do with a clear plastic container, but it works.  The kids loved it!  It was filled with corn, fake cherries and of course the rhyming turkeys.  And have I ever told you how awesome Marsha's products are?  They are so easy to differentiate- it's great!  Each group had a different recording sheet suited to their needs.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am SO thankful for all of you followers and friends.  I truly appreciate all your advice and encouragement and hope to be back soon with some belated Bloggiversary goodies.  Happy Thanksgiving!